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Tripletail, Triple Tail, Bouy Bass

Little detail is provided about this species except that they appear to have three tails which are actually large anal and dorsal fins that drop back far and elongated along the body. Tripletail change color with their environment and are great imitators, often imitating floatsome and leaves. Color can vary from black, grey, brown and yellow depending on habitat.

Tripletail are found in mild and warm waters around floatsome. They are often around bouys or sargassum seaweed floating on the surface.


Port Canaveral holds some of the biggest tripletail in the world. Look at a recent catch [here].


15" minimum size limit, 2 per angler per day.

State Record
42.5 lbs.

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Tripletail Fishing Charters

Triple tail are not a very good eating fish. When you catch a triple-tail you need to give them to your guide as a pitiful part of your tip and a show of compassion for having an economically challenged profession. NOT! If anyone ever ask you to give up your tripletail, tell them to "take a hike" because the meat of this fish is next to none in taste and tablerfare. Any angler that's fought and brought home one of these prehistoric looking finfish to eat and partake of it's pearly white meat will never forget how truly good it was for their cullinary delight. Tripletail are known for drifters as they hang around floatsome and bouys waiting for an easy meal. To be a truly good tripletail angler you have to study the fish and get in the water learn their habits, both of which has been done by our Lagooner guide Captain Richard Bradley near Port Canaveral.

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