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Jack Crevalle

Redfish, Red Drum, Puppy Drum, Channel Bass

Jack Crevalle Description: Jack Crevalle are a beautiful color of bluish-green to greenish-gold on their backs and have silvery or yellowish bellies. The Jack's soft dorsal and anal fins are almost identical in size and they have a prominent black spot on the gill cover. They also have a black spot at the base of each pectoral fins and no scales on the throat.

Where Jack Crevalle Are Found: Jacks are common in both INSHORE waters and the open sea. They seem to show up anywhere and everywhere but more often where there's plenty of food or baitfish around. Look for schools of jacks turning the water yellow or finning as they circle near the surface of the water. Jacks will travel into fresh or brackish water and are often seen in springs that lead into the ocean.
One of the memorable catches for a saltwater angler is their first Jack. The crevalle tend to stay inshore or near offshore and can be caught in both salt and freshwater rivers around florida and other southern states. Jacks are often seen under diving birds making a commotion on the water surface while feeding on bait. Jacks tolerate a wide range of salinities; schools corner a school of baitfish at the surface and feed with commotion that can be seen at great distances; feeds mainly on small fish; peak spawning occurs OFFSHORE from March through September.

Florida Record Jack Crevalle: 51 lbs.


Florida Jack Crevalle Regulations: No limit or size regulation.

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The hard fighting Jack Crevalle fish's reputation preceeds itself as one of the most contentous bullies in the waters. Jack's, as most anglers call them, are almost always ready for a brawl and when you present them with jigs, bait or lures they'll often crash the party by breaking tackle and/or fishing lines in an instant. Captain Richard's childhood experience with a Jack Crevalle was a defining point in his angling life. "When I was only seven years old my father took me fishing in the Banana River Lagoon and I hooked up on a Jack near the Port Canaveral locks. It took me at least 10 minutes to reel it up to the boat without dad's assistance and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face for the rest of the day. I've never forgot that scappy little jack that pulled me around the turning basin and caused me to spend the rest of my life in pursuit of another fish fight."

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