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Sea Turtles on the Banana River Lagoon

Central Florida Cold Snap in January of 2010 and the Rescue of An Endangered Species

Cold fronts can make the fishing spectacular on Florida's Space Coast east of Orlando but the unordinary cold conditions in January of 2010 sent the mercury to uncharted depths as lagoon temperatures dipped into the 44°F mark stressing out wildlife and a population of green sea turtles that nobody knew we had. Join Captains Richard & Gina Bradley as they take a few days out of their lives and help the Florida Wildlife Commission and conservationist gather stranded turtles in the frigid waters of the Banana River Lagoon.

No one knew the amount of green sea turtles in the Indian, Banana and Mosquito Lagoons on Florida's east coast near Orlando, Florida. Captain Richard explains, "I've seen a few green turtles in the shallows in my lifetime while fishing these lagoons, but we had no idea that there was such a large population as we rarely see the Green Sea Turtles grazing on the grassflats or sunning on the shorelines. As I talked to wildlife officers and scientist we all agreed that there is something going on that we had no idea about with the numbers of turtles living in the shallow water lagoons."

"It was an emotional few days on the water recovering sea turtles and sad to see some of them die, but the reward of participating in the rescue of so many animals was awesome."
Captain Gina Bradley / Lagooner Fishing Guides & Charters

Enjoy the video that we posted on YouTube and share it with your friends and family. The cold weather won't last long in Central Florida so if you get a chance to come down our way, look us up and take a trip out on the same Lagoons that are populated with these beautiful animals. Florida's east coast has awesome fishing for redfish, sea trout and other native species.

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