Sat May 26, 2018  

Mangroves and Manatees on The Indian River Lagoon

Mekenzie Bradley Explains the Difference Between White, Red & Black Mangroves while Watching Manatees.

Join Mekenzie on a day out boating with her mother Captain Gina Bradley as they explore the saltwater lagoons east of Orlando, Florida looking for the three prominent mangrove species in their home waters. Along the way Mekenzie discovers a friendly manatee, some alligators and and many colorful native birds. "My daddy teaches me alot about our saltwater estuaries and lagoons near our home in Cocoa Beach. He fishes them almost daily and has a great time showing his customers and anglers the cool wild animals on the rivers and tributaries that lead into our Indian River Lagoon and Banana River Lagoon.

Several times a year we get to go northward to the World Famous Mosquito Lagoon where dad shows me schools of redfish and we often see dolphin. Maybe next time we can make a video for everyone when he takes me there. Mom's been promising a trip in the ocean when the weather warms up so that might be a good fun trip to do too.

"I love wading in the Lagoons with my Dad & Mom and picking up shells near the Mangrove Shorelines of our beach home. There's always manatees and other neat wildlife nearby."
Mekenzie Bradley

Please enjoy the video my mom and I made in the winter of 2009 of one afternoon in the Florida sunshine and waterways. You'll see me with manatees and my first attempt at showing you about the three mangrove trees that live in our area. Look for me and mom and possibly my dad to make a few more wildlife videos in the coming years as I explore my native homeland near Orlando, Florida for all it's wild treasures and loads of fun.

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