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Port Canaveral Cobia Fishing Guides

Sightfishing cobia with a professional charter guide at Port Canaveral Florida.

Professional Cobia Fishing Guides of Port Canaveral

The cobia have been in full migration the last part of February and Early March this year and Dr. Doug Sanders took Cobia Fishing Guide Capt. Richard and Captain Rocky VanHoose for an afternoon of sight fishing and fun. We spent less than three hours of actual fishing before the weather pushed us back into Port Canaveral where we trailered the boat and went home for a fresh grilled cobia dinner with wild rice and black beans.

Cobia fishing can be as exciting as fishing gets, when the water temperature rises after or during the winter months expect fish to show up around Cape Canaveral and anglers to be pursuing them when the weather's fair and the skies are clear.

We used chartreus jigs and rubber eels this day, but cobia love live bait and even bang on topwater lures or plugs. Fishing with a tower boat is an absolute necessity if you want to be successful at seeing cobia from a distance. You can find cobia free swimming on the surface or around floatsome or bottom structure like a wreck. "We've seen cobia relating to big marine animals like manta rays, whale sharks, big coastal sharks and turtles," explains Captain Richard Bradley a local Port Canaveral Charter Captain that has a tower boat with dual controls and over 70 gallons of live wells to keep fresh lively offerings to the most finicky cobia on the Space Coast.

Looking for information about fishing in Florida? Call (321) 868-4953 and Ask for Captain Richard or his fishing mate Captain Gina. They'll be more than glad to talk to you in length about setting up a trip while you're visiting the area.

"We saw a several hundred pound thresher shark breach the water right off the back of the boat and had cobia swim right beside us. It's great to be in the ocean and let Capt. Richard show us it's bounty".

-Dr. Doug Sanders

Professional Fishing Guides along know that Port Canaveral has some of the best cobia fishing during the spring cobia migration running north to their summer grounds along the eastern seaboard of the United States.

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Florida Cobia Regulations

Minimum size 33" to fork 1 per harvester or 6 per vessel per day, whichever is less.

Florida Cobia Record
103 lbs., 12 ozs.

Cobia Links & Information

spawns in spring and early summer; feeds on crabs, squid, and small fish. Target this fish in early spring or late winter (feb-april). Cobia are often seasonal so make your reservations during this time of year.

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