Monday April 24, 2017 
dad and son with snook

Port Canaveral Snook Fishing

Great Team at Catching Snook

What a great couple of friends, Chris Lambert takes his stepson Max for a morning of fishing with Captain Richard and catches and releases some monster snook.

<-- 17 pounds of fighting fury and foaming water Chris and max Show their prize catch for the camera.

Spending time on the water with people is such a unique experience for me. As I have the opportunity getting to know you for a short time in such a short time, I like seeing relationships where individuals really enjoy one another.

Chris and Max had a spectular time together as they fished nearshore to Port Canaveral and were able to get into the summer time snook. These two shared nothing but shear joy and excitment as they caught snook after snook. Of course, this time of the year during the summer you have to let those monster snook go as they are spawning along the beaches. Fishing is not always about catching and getting to your keep your fish but it's really about the adventure for the day and the enjoyment that comes with getting out and doing something that is fulfilling you for the day. Not only is being out on the water fishing always a good time but the memories and times shared are unforgetable.

Captain Richard Bradley
Lagooner, Inc.
Cocoa Beach, FL

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Florida Snook Regulations

Not less than 28" or more than 32" Atlantic - Not less than 28" or more than 33" Gulf of Mexico, Monroe County, Everglades Nat. Park

Season Closed December 15th thru January 31st & June thru August on the Atlantic Coast.
Decemeber thru February & May thru August on the Gulf of Mexico, Monroe County, Everglades National Park

Florida Snook Record

44 Pounds, 3 Ounces

Snook Links & Information

Snook in East Central Florida have many different habitats and conditions that make them a great target for anglers looking for variable ways to catch this elusive fish. Juvenile fish can be caught in the estuaries, canals and backwater areas almost all year long. While not as prestigious as large breeder snook, they are non-the-less enjoyable to catch and will bite on everything from baitcasters to flyrods and everything between. Juvenile snook are suckers for artificial's and readily take live bait as well.

Big breeding snook spawn on or near the beaches of Central Florida and always have a passageway or access to the beaches or inlets available to them. The only time a breeder snook is generally caught in the backwaters here is because it's a cooler transitional time period usually. Canaveral snook spend their winter months in the Port under docks, wharfs and around other structure like boats and pilings. You often see them hanging around the lights at night in small and large schools. Sebastian Inlet Snook are caught in the inlet itself during the summer and fall months and many of the larger snook migrate south to Jupiter Inlet or hunker down in the fresh warmer water of the Sebastian River a short distance away.

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