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Wading, Catching and Eating Mangrove Snapper at Sebastian Florida

Monday July 16, 2018

Ahhhh..... The life of catching snapper while wading in crystal clear water in your bathing suit. Ninety degree weather and warm tropical water makes for a great day of fishing, not to mention when you're catching your limit in tasty mangrove snapper.

Sebastian Inlet host some great mangrove snapper fishing during the summer when the critters spawn offering an awesome day of fishing for any kids and adults that just want to spend an afternoon of pure pleasure. "When I want to relax and take my kids and family out fishing I usually go down to Sebastian Inlet and take them snorkling on the reefs and for an afternoon of catching snapper while wading in the clear incoming tide in the Indian River Lagoon, " Says Captain Richard & Gina of Lagooner Fishing Guides. "My daughters beg us to take them snapper fishing each summer and it really pays off because they love the water and they like the light tackle experience of baiting their own hooks, casting, setting the hook and reeling in these sporty little gamefish, not to mention taking them home for the grill," explains Captain Gina.

Spending a summer day catching your limit in Mangrove Snapper is a great day to spend a day on the water with friends. Captain Richard and Gina Bradley pose with their limit of beautiful snapper for the grill.

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Catching good sized mangrove snappers are the key to any successful day of fishing on the lagoons, backwaters and bays of the Sebastian Inlet area. "It's not typically what I'd call a performance fishing trip, but when the bigger spawning mangrove snapper start to bite, people tend to get competative about this fishing. My daughters can't stand to be outdone and when the day's over they compare size and quantity of all their snapper and try to conclude who won their little fishing tournament," as Captain Richard talks about a typical day of fishing for mangroves. "I've seen customers literally get out the ruler to compare monsters and argue the whole trip about a 1/16 of an inch, wieght vrs. length, etc. etc. it's a sick thing to observe a day of friends turning a day of catching sub 20 inch fish into a full blown pissing match. But in the end, everyone's friends around the grill as Captain Gina grills the fish whole and smothers them in spicy mango sauce."

"Richard cleans the mangrove snapper by gutting and scaling them, then he slices three diagonal slices on each side and I stuff both the rib cavity and slices with minced garlic and ocean salt and coat with a mixture of butter and olive oil (with a brush) the whole fish. I also put a good squeeze or two of key lime (we have a tree) in the slices and garnish with thin slices of key lime in each slice. My famliy likes these fish served eyeballs and all on a bed of wildrice and garnished with cilantra or parsley," as Captain Gina narrates her Mangrove Snapper Recipe. "I have a secret mango sauce that we make with a little spice that our friends and family rave over. It's light and really makes the whole meal perfect... Kindof a Mango Sauce on Mangroves."

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Mangrove Snapper have dark brown or gray with reddish or orange spots in rows along the sides and a dark horizontal band from snout through eye on young fish; two conspicuous canine teeth at front of upper jaw and the dorsal fins have dark or reddish borders with no dark spot on side underneath dorsal fin.

Juveniles mangrove snapper can be found around INSHORE tidal creeks, mangroves, and grass beds while adults generally are found NEARSHORE or OFFSHORE on coral or rocky reefs.


These snapper spawn June through August and feed on crustaceans and small fish.

Take a look at a recent catch of mangrove snappers in the Indian River.
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10" minimum size limit, five per angler per day.

State Record

16 lbs., 8 ozs.

Wading for mangrove snapper at Sebastian Inlet

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