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Cast Nets by Tim Wade

Commercial High Quality Professional Cast Nets and Bait Nets

Tim Wade mending one of my cast netsA good cast net is not optional for livebait fishermen and Tim Wade possibly has the best cast nets in Florida at reasonable prices. We've used almost every brandname cast nets on the market and Tim's nets simply out perform and out produce them all. Every net is hand made and many commercial nets Tim makes for his customers are custom made for different applications and situations.

"Tim has been making castnets for many years and has perfected his formulas for making a great casting net. If you ask any commercial fisherman in Florida what net he uses, most likely it's made by Tim Wade himself. I use several different castnets from Tim including ten foot pogie nets, ten and eight foot finger mullet nets (eight footers for wading). When I want to hit the bottom of Port Canaveral's 45 foot turning basins, I can count on Tim's nets to do the job right."

Tim Wade
206 Pine Street
West Melbourne, FL 32904
(321) 729-9537 (Work)
(321) 508-2836 (Cell)

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Catching bait with a cast netPeter Deeks displays what a single cast can do with a Tim Wade castnet. We use livebait to fish for almost all the coastal fish off Brevard County waters. Tim's high quality cast nets have proven year after year to be the best performing and durable cast nets on the market for Lagooner Fishing Guides and many of our fishing friends use Tim's nets too.

Many customers ask us to show them the proper technique for throwing a cast net. Captain Richard Bradley responds by showing our customers several methods used by professionals when they throw their cast nets to make their livings. "I throw my net without putting the lead line between my teeth. I've found that during the winter when I'm throwing the net in some very muddy areas and in marinas and residential canals, the filth can give me health problems from sore throats and other symptoms. It just pays for me not to put the lead line into my mouth and I chose to learn that method. For offshore and wading situations I use a different method using my teeth and it seems to work for me", explains Captain Richard. "Invest in a good net and go out in your yard and practice casting til you get your net to spread. There's nothing more frustrating than to be learning how to do something when you should be fishing. There's plenty of different techniques and situations to throw your net in and it's something that needs to be mastered in a non-pressure situation and the yard or vacant lot is perfect for practice.

Let a Lagooner fishing guide take you out livebaiting. We'll show you just how effective livebaiting can be and what Tim's castnets can do for catching loads of bait. Just fill out the form below for a day of livebait fishing with a Lagooner Guide.

Captain Gina BradleyAs a full-time Charter Fishing Captain that MUST have dependable tools for my trade, I know that I can count on Tim Wade's cast nets to perform well and have the durability that's needed for season after season of fishing in the inshore and offshore waters in Florida. I typically will throw a ten foot cast net for almost every situation from catching finger mullet and pilchards for inshore fishing to catching bunker/pogies for offshore fishing, but I varie the material or mesh size depending on where and what I'm throwing for.

During the summer, I catch menhaden or "pogies" along the beaches and in Port Canaveral and a 10 - 12 foot net with at least 1-1/2 pounds of weight per foot is necessary to hit some of the deeper waters I throw in. Each throw can net over 40 pounds of baitfish and can really take it's toll on nets made of less superior materials. Tim's nets are superior in two ways... superior design and superior materials, each net is hand cut and made in the USA and the materials are quality enough to be used in a commerical environment.

Give Tim a call and let him sell you your first and maybe your last high quality cast net for your fishing needs. I've left Tim's contact information on this web page and hope that it will be helpful.

Captain Richard Bradley
Lagooner Fishing Guide / 321 868-4953

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Here he is... The one and only Tim Wade The Cast Net Maker. Tim's Cast nets are used all over the United States and ALL Lagooner Fishing Guides use Tim's product(s) for making their living.

Directions to Tim Wade's

Tim Wade
206 Pine Street
West Melbourne, FL 32904
(321) 729-9537 (Work)
(321) 508-2836 (Cell)

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