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Sunday February 18, 2018

When we talk about sightfishing in Florida we often conjure up images of fish swimming in shallow, clear lagoons as we often see on the fishing shows wagging their tails in the warm sunshine. But far too often we never see tails and often see just a silhouette or shadow moving along the grass flats or sandy bottom. Of course this is only when we're fishing in those areas and often we fish in the ocean and sight fish for cobia, dolphin, tripletail and other pelagic or benthic species in the deeper saltwater where you never see bottom at all.

Shallow Water Sight fishing

Shallow water fishing is popular for redfish, sea trout, bonefish, permit, sharks and in some areas cobia. Our east central Florida area is known mainly for red fish and spotted sea trout so that's what we'll be focusing mainly on in this article. Sightfishing for these two species involves a few tools including light spinning tackle in the 6 - 10 pound line class. Many anglers choose to use some of the newer braided lines like powerpro to get extra long cast with some of the lighter lures and baits you'll be using. Sightfishing for red fish in the lagoons does not necessarily require a boat as the water is usually shallow and can be waded, but remote areas will require some mode of transportation and a boat is definitely a benefit, especially if there's an alligator population.

Baits for redfish vary from spoons, jigs, top waters and many of the popular soft baits. It's almost up to the angler to decide what he wants to throw that day. Popular live baits include shrimp, crabs and fin-fish from pilchards and mullet to croakers and more, but remember that we are speaking of sightfishing and not blind casting or live bait techniques that do not require you to see the fish.

Captain Richard Bradley

Central Florida's Best Sight Fishing

Sight fishing has become one of Florida's most popular outdoors activities in the clear warm waters and lagoons with redfish being one of the most popular and sought after species being targeted. I'm Captain Richard Bradley and I've been sight fishing my home waters in East Central Florida my whole life. Living on the Banana River Lagoon and motoring up and down our coast from the Mosquito Lagoon to Sebastian Inlet has been a wonderful lifetime experience that I enjoy sharing with my customers on a daily basis.

If you decide to go fishing with me on and want to try your hand at sightfishing remember to bring your polarized sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen for the that Florida Sunshine!

Call me today and set up your sight fishing trip in Central Florida Today!

Captain Richard Bradley
Lagooner Fishing Guide / 321 868-4953

Flyfishing and Sight fishing

Popularized by flyfisherman like Lefty Kreh or Chico Fernandez who have sight fished with a fly rod for half a century all over the world. Many flyfishing enthusiast include east Central Florida to their destinations to catch redfish on the fly and it's usually done while sightfishing.

Whether you're coming to Florida to sight fish or just to catch fish, it's up to you and your guide to put your eyes to the test and try and catch a great day of sight fishing for many of the Florida fish species we have in our area. Give us a call today and we'll do our best to set you up with a great sight fishing day on East Central Florida.

In Deeper Water or in the Ocean

During the spring in Florida we can often see cobia and dolphin (mahi mahi) swimming close enough to the surface to actually see and make a cast to with a fishing rod. Yeah, there are many other species like sharks, jacks or bonito but most sportsman choose to stick to cobia in our area with less emphasis on other species. Cobia migrate north in the spring and south in the fall as the water warms and cools. When migrating they take advantage of the warmer surface water and can often be seen cruising on the surface or hanging around flotsam.

Cobia are often seen swimming with large manta rays and around bait pods both inshore and offshore. Dolphin and other ocean species are also seen but are much farther offshore usually than the coastal cruising cobia.

Sight Fishing in the Lagoons

Reviewed by Captain Richard Bradley on Last modified: December 17 2015 19:27:48.

Published by: Captain of Lagooner Fishing Guides©

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Fishing Reports

February - 2018 Fishing Report

Every February seems to be different and this one is no different.

Fishing Forecast

February - 2018 Fishing Forecast

Valentine fishing in February is one sweetheart of a fishing trip on the Banana River as temperatures and coldfronts make fish predictable as the weather. Coldfronts will send the sea trout to the holes and the warmth between fronts will cause them to enter the shallow water in numbers. The redfish are ever-present and there may be mixed opportunities with them, but they should be consistant. If we have a mild winter, the fishing for reds will probably be better but a harsh winter will be more challenging. On the Banana River look for redfish and large spotted sea trout and a smattering of black drum for fun. Typically the snook are a no-show and the tarpon can be in a couple of backwater locations if they feel up to it.

Seeing Fish Swimming

Sight fishing is not often as easy as seeing tails of feeding fish foraging in shallow water as the photograph show above. But when an angler sees this it sure does make it easier to see and stalk them from a farther distance.

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