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Ocean Landings Resort and Racquet Club

Ocean Landings Resort and Racquet Club

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Tuesday June 19, 2018

900 North Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Link to Ocean Landings Resort and Racquet Club's Website

(321) 783-9430

Oceanlandings Resort and Racquet Club is a time-share that has night and weekly room accommodations. Tennis courts, swimming pool and meeting rooms.

Ocean Landings Resort and Racquet Club was the very first time-share resort in Cocoa Beach back in the early 80's. For many years you could only stay here if you were a time-share member but as things have changed over time so has the resort. They have nightly and weekly rentals available to travelers as well as members coming and going. The resort has nice tennis courts and amenities for everyone of each age to enjoy. With much to do it's a great place for meetings and group events as well as weddings.

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